April 26
Removed Wish List section in frank.pilone.name
Removed Birthday FAQ in frank.pilone.name

April 17
Edited Amazon Prime in fsp.cash

April 14
Deleted Skype in fsp.contact
Edited Directory in fsp.contact
Edited Telephone in fsp.contact

April 4
Deleted How Do You Make Ends Meet? in frank.pilone.name

April 3
Added What Would Your Magical Power Be? in frank.pilone.name

April 2
Publicize fsp.cash to my portfolio
Added about fsp.cash page in fsp.contact
Edited Internet Page in fsp.contact
Removed Finances Page in frank.pilone.name

April 1
Slight edit on home page in fsp.contact
Added Directory Page in fsp.contact
Changed fsp.directory to new Directory Page
Removed redundant search field from the side